Rooftops Yoga

Rooftops Yoga

With The Yogi Paige

Power of the Mind. You know that saying “you are stronger than you think?!” Well … you actually are! That beautiful busy brain has the power to change old thinking behaviors into new, beautiful, challenging ways of thinking. Now the hard part is it takes time and effort to change these behaviors but/and if anything in my yoga classes I want to create a space where people believe they have all the power to change, to grow, to love more, to say no more, to breathe more, to think more & to think less & the most important one of all – to feel more. To feel everything you are. To create an understanding that you deserve everything you wish for, you deserve everything you work hard for.

So if anything, all I would like to teach is how beautiful you truly are.

“Be Unapologetic in Your Evolution.”

“Yoga is a dance between control and surrender” 

– Joel Kramer

 My powerful yoga practice will move your body and mind. With 16 years of ballet combined with over 1000 hours of training makes my yoga adaptive, fun and intuitive. My vibrant nature encourages you to explore & strengthen your mental and physical boundaries leaving you feeling blissfully aware of yourself, and falling in love with yoga.

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