Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics-why visit us?

Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics-why visit us?

Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics- Wellness Clinic based in Johannesburg- You will love it.

Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics is a wellness clinic based in Johannesburg. We offer a family of solutions that will allow you to make wellness a priority in your life.

Collectively we are able to focus on the wellbeing of your body, mind & soul.

Starting with the wellness of your mobility & body, our Chiropractor & Biokineticist work hand in hand to keep the body moving as it should in order to prevent mechanical disorders.

Parkhurst Chiropractor

Our Parkhurst Chiropractor focusses on the prevention of the musculoskeletal system disorders & conditions, and the effects of these disorders on the functions of the nervous system and general health. In combination to the treatment of these disorders, the Parkhurst Chiropractor uses a combination of medical treatment techniques as well as therapeutic elements like relaxing music, beautiful smelly candles to allow for a relaxing & rejuvenating experience.

MP Bionkineticts

Whereas our Biokineticist (MP Biokinetics) focusses on improving physical function and health parameters in persons with orthopaedic limitations, recovering from illness/injury/illness or persons with chronic health conditions. Maggie offers: Assessments – One-one-one rehab & recovery sessions – Home visits – Clinical group classes for seniors -Injury prevention – Bone and joint health – Children -Women’s health and chronic disease prevention/management at the Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics clinic.

The Yogi Paige

Furthermore, we have The Yogi Paige that offers Rooftop Yoga at Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics. In doing so, this phenomenal yoga instructor fills your lungs with fresh air, your body with movement and your mind with discipline. Enjoy watching the urban sun set and Yoga under the stars during the week and a fresh breathe of air on Saturday mornings as Purkhurst starts buzzing for the weekend.

Dr Priyal Modi

Taking about fresh air-filled lungs- we have Dr Priyal Modi a qualified medical doctor, practicing integrative medicine focusing on breathwork. She uses the power of the breath to empower people to take charge of their lives, to live more consciously and authentically. This holistic approach to health and well-being allows for exploring the mind-body connection.

Let’s talk about the wellness of your skin. To many this can be an aesthetic importance however, the health of your skin can either leave you in a state of feeling confident and ready to own your space in the world or it can leave you hiding from the world.

Skin Goddess

Skin Goddess, is literally the Goddess of everything skin here at Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics. She focusses on in-depth consultations and takes you on a journey of what is best for YOUR skin. With a vast variety of products, tools, equipment & experience Mandy (AKA Skin Goddess) will definitely not only sort your skin “imperfections” that hinder you from being your most confident self, but she will also give your results longevity.

MG Professional

Talk about longevity- MG Professional specialises in giving your BEST features a permanent style through permanent make-up. This includes Microblading, Brows, Eyeliner, Lash Lifts & Tints, Lash Extensions & more. Marizanne (owner of MG Professional), really does do magical work subtly, leaving you defined & beautiful using your personal natural features.

The Laser Bar

Ever wonder why we get other natural features we don’t necessarily want, like BODY HAIR? The Laser Bar is the laser hair removal specialist at Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics. They use industry leading Diode laser technology. Here you will be treated with intense focus where Jackie (your laser specialist) will curate the best laser journey to allow for effective results, that will leave you feeling confident in the skin that you are in!

Here at Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics you can definitely expect to find a family of solutions that will allow you to make wellness a priority in your life.

Be sure to give the clinic a visit.
Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics
Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics (

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